Michael Hughes


Michael Hughes has 44 years’ experience in consultancy & training all over the world. More specifically, he has worked in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the Caribbean, hence, acquiring valuable knowledge and expertise in multi-cultural & diverse environments. His consultancy/training work has covered team work & team building, safety, crisis management, entrepreneurship as well as integration & operations in multi-cultural environments & settings. Example client types are retail, manufacturing, hotels, financial institutions, educational institutions, airports/airlines, seaports, oil/gas/petrochemicals, power/water, mining, F1 racing, coast-guard, government departments, among others. Michael boasts a vast amount of expertise in building high performance teams and in depth knowledge of the challenges & opportunities of a multi-cultural operational environment. Moreover, he has created numerous companies and this itself has equipped him with the necessary expertise & qualities of a modern entrepreneur.