Elisabetta Collino

Assistant Digital Marketing

I come from Italy, but I feel like a citizen of the world as I have already lived, studied and worked in different countries. Last year I just spend one month in Italy, all the rest of the year I was around Europe, that is not because I do not like my own country, but because the word is too nice, full of things to discover and people to meet, to just live in a place all the life.  

In last years, I worked in France in a University, I was Au Pair in Guadeloupe and in England, where I also worked in a Wedding Venue, and last summer I worked in Germany in a hotel. Currently, I am studying Languages and Communication applied to Business and Tourism in Aosta (Ita), but I only spend one year in the Italian University, after that I studied one year in France and one semester in Hungary.  

My experience of studying in languages and working in several countries have taught me how to live and work in different environments, and gave me experience of intercultural communication and working with people from all over the world. As you can imagine, I love to travel, meet new people and know about their countries and their cultures. I am interested in photography, video making and marketing, everything has to turns around creativity! My motivation, curiosity and desire to learn bring me to this beautiful island.