ShipCon is actively involved in research projects funded by the European Union and so far has participated in large scale European projects related to environment, energy, transport and training. Moreover, ShipCon, due to its extensive network of partners all over Europe as well as the vast experience of its consultants in EU funding, is an ideal partner when it comes to Dissemination & Exploitation Strategic planning for research projects.

ShipCon and its staff boast vast amount of expertise for EU programmes like Life+, Marco Polo, Intelligent Energy, FP7 as well as programmes funded by the structural funds of the European Union for the Mediterranean, such as MED and ENPI-MED, as well as other parts of the European Union. Moreover, ShipCon specializes in cooperation programmes between EU and countries in pre-accession status as well as with EU candidate countries and other parts of the world.

A selection of  Research and Innovation Projects, where ShipCon participated in the last years, can be seen below.

Erasmus+ KA2 - AUTISM_PCP
A hollistic approach of person-centred planning for people with Autism.

It is widely accepted by the scientific community that children and adults with ASC (Autism Spectrum Conditions) are likely to have accompanying sensory difficulties. It is also scientifically proven that there are three major type of difficulties for ASC individuals: difficulties that are associated directly with their senses (sensory), cognitive difficulties & social difficulties (social interaction). These difficulties have – undoubtedly – a significant impact on their ability to function, process information, and often lead to raised anxiety and stress levels. It is therefore essential to know the specific type of difficulty for a ASC individual in order to comprehend fully the sensory difficulties; equally important, these difficulties need to be thoroughly taken into account in the Life Planning process of the ASC individual.

The main objectives  : – Empowerment of individuals at risk of social exclusion and more specifically empowerment of ASC individuals – Strengthening of the overall effort for social inclusion and integration of ASC individuals at mainstream education & society at large – Enhancing competences of professionals and all those individuals, such as family members & relatives, etc., involved in the life of ASC individuals – Raise awareness to the general public with regards to social inclusion of pupils with Autism

Erasmus+ KA2 - SENpower

Main Aim: Empowering young adult learners with Special Educational Needs’ (SENpower) project aims to bridge this gap by empowering a significant and even increasing percentage of youths with Special Educational Needs (SEN) by bringing the concept of entrepreneurship closer to young adult & VET learners with SEN. In other words, SEN young adults will be empowered with new skills and competences and this, in turn, will have a significant impact when it comes to active citizenship for these young people.


  • ‘Extending and Developing educators’ competences’
  • ‘Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individuals’
  • ‘Social inclusion’ of young adult & VET learners with SEN
  • ‘Promotion of entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship
Erasmus+ KA2 - SHIELD
Development of a V.E.T. Training Program to upgrade the Skills on Health and Safety Risks for Offshore Construction Workers (SHIELD)

Main Aim: The aim of the SHIELD partnership is to thus improve the Skills and Habilities level of the Offshore Construction workers in Europe, especially those from South and Eastern countries, by providing knowledge about specific Health&Safety to VET stakeholders through an innovative and open digital training toolbox.


  • To develop a European qualification of the European Expert in H&S Offshore Construction (SHIELD) with certification at ECVET level
  • To establish and pilot a Strategic Partnership comprising training institutions, industry and consultancies in the Offshore Industry
  • To determine common professional skills of the H&S sector at EU level for the Offshore Construction industry
  • To develop a common training programs based on industry requirements
  • To presence train16 H&S Offshore Trainers according to a common develop training program and 24 trainers through the MOOC platform To test and validate the training
Erasmus+ KA1 - OIL&GAS_PRO

Developing the new generation of Oil & Gas professionals in SE Mediterranean (OIL&GAS_PRO)

Main Aim: The main aim of the ‘Developing the new generation of Oil & Gas professionals in SE Mediterranean’ (‘OIL&GAS_PRO’) is to improve the skills and competences of recent graduates with no professional experience in the Oil&Gas Industry, and more specifically in the area of Health & Safety in Oil&gas. This, in turn, will reduce the risks of an offshore accident to occur, which can have tremendous consequences to the sensitive marine ecosystem of the SE Europe and the Mediterranean basin.


  • To enhance the professional skills and competences of Cyprus human capital in the area of Health & Safety
  • To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of professionals in dealing with major catastrophic events, such as Oil Spills To transfer the knowledge and best practices regarding Health & Safety from North of Europe to the Mediterranean Offshore Industry.
  • To equip VET learners and VET staff with professional experience on dealing with Oil Spills & protection of critical asset infrastructure.
  • To bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge gained through tertiary education to the needs and requirements at practical level of the Oil&Gas Industry and, hence, to develop the next generation of Oil&Gas professionals in the SE Mediterranean
  • To increase public awareness related to the importance of Health & Safety, as far as safety and protection of the marine environment is concerned.