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ShipCon and IEC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre), members of ShipCon Group, are proud to offer a series of online (asynchronous) courses to meet the needs of all professional and educators. If you are interested to learn on your own schedule (self-paced learning), these type of courses are for you. ShipCon Group has developed a series of high quality online courses capitalizing on the expertise of world leading experts in the areas of Special Education Needs (SEN), Project Management, vocational & soft skills.

All ShipCon self-paced online courses are being delivered through the best Learning Management platform in the market, THINKIFIC, which provides all the tools necessary for the ultimate learning online experience. Every Thinkific tool is built with audience’s learning experience in mind so it can maximize impact across the entire student journey. Enjoy the journey with ShipCon online self-paced courses!  

List of Online self-paced courses

Course TitlePrice €Buy Now
Dyslexia – A masterclass course for Parents325,00
Dyslexia – A masterclass course for Teachers445,00
Sensory Sensitivities – A complete Guide for Parents210,00
Sensory Sensitivities – A complete Guide for Teachers325,00
ADD/ADHD - A masterclass course for Parents375,00
ADD/ADHD - A masterclass course for Teachers475,00
High Functioning Autism/Asperger – Parents675,00
High Functioning Autism/Asperger – Teachers575,00
Autism and learning Disability – A masterclass course for Teachers675,00

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How to start your course:

1. Click Buy Now button 

2. Fill out your student details (Name, Surname, email, password) 

3. On your payment page upon check out include your bank card details and press pay

4. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation/receipt email of your payment and immediate access to the course material. And you are all set!

Don’t forget to save your student details and password so you always have access to the course. You can always have access to the course material by login to 


Why ShipCon online self-paced courses?

  • Enhance your knowledge & expertise from the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Courses delivered and supported by world renown experts in their field
  • Reduce costs
  • Life time access to all ShipCon self-paced online courses
  • Online tutor support
  • Excellent learning management experience with the best LMS platform in the market, THINKIFIC
  • Automatic updates to the course content and/or resources
  • Fixed & transparent pricing
  • Certification with the Quality of ShipCon Group (digital)
  • Discounts based on ShipCon Group loyal scheme (please enquire)



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