Live ‘on demand’ online courses

ShipCon and IEC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre), members of ShipCon Group, are proud to offer a series of Live ‘on demand’ online courses in order to meet the needs of companies for quality education for their staff at affordable prices.  The Live ‘on demand’ online courses are ideal for staff training aiming to strengthen teamwork & team building. These courses are being delivered through Zoom education platform, with all the advantages of an ‘ease to use’ approach.



  • Staff members within the same organisation, school or company to enhance their knowledge & expertise from the comfort of their home or workplace
  • Reduction of costs for organisations
  • Team building
  • No limit to the number of participants
  • Fixed & transparent pricing
  • Certification with the Quality of ShipCon Group (digital)
  • Discounts based on ShipCon Group loyal scheme (please enquire)


The four-step procedure is simple:
1. Register for any of the Live ‘on demand’ online courses that you see below.
2. A quotation email will be sent to you within 48 hours based on your request.
3. Agreement on the specific dates/duration & invoicing.
4. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email along with the Meeting ID number or Personal Link Name. Moreover, you will receive info about the course & material.

Join the course and ENJOY!


Below you can see a list of our Live ‘on demand’ online courses.

Course titleRegister
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders – Introduction and Interventions – Online
Train the Trainer – Online
Teamwork & Teambuilding: reach high & far – Online
Secure EU funding: access EU funds – Online
Problem Solving & Decision Making – Online
Leadership and Management in educational establishments – Online
Integrating minority, migrant & refugee children at European schools & society – Online
Identifying Barriers to Learning – A Special Educational Needs Masterclass – Online
ICT skills for Educators – Online
Health and Safety considerations in Educational Establishments – Online
Handling Stress and Avoiding Burn Out – Online
English for Educators: advance your career (Level I) – Online
English for Educators: advance your career (Level II) – Online
Emotional Intelligence: identify, harness & manage emotions – Online
Efficient & Effective Project Management for EU funded Projects – online
Cultivating the Entrepreneurial mindset in Education – Online