Join ShipCon – a quality VET provider

Interested in Erasmus+ VET? ShipCon can provide quality VET placements for Erasmus+ VET students, job shadowing activities for Erasmus+ VET staff and accompanying personnel in the following fields:

  • Environment – technology innovation, protection of the environment;
  • Business & Administration– business administrative services, marketing, office management, retail management, entrepreneurship, economy, analysis;
  • Hospitality & Tourism – hospitality management & services;
  • Computing– computer networking, computer programming, computer repair, information technology, computer science;
  • Creative industries– commercial art, advertising, fashion design, graphic arts, mass media, new media arts;
  • Gastronomy– culinary arts, food preparation, pastry arts;
  • Mechanical/Electrical–compressor design, vibration, pulsation, machining, welding, electrical protection, high voltage;
  • Marine (including Oil &Gas) – marine technology, offshore, HSSE, First Aid;
  • Aviation –gas turbines technology;
  • Health related professions – nursing, physiotherapists; 
  • Agriculture – agricultural engineering, gardening, agricultural management;
  • Agritourism – tours, festival and event management, farm or ranch work experience, hospitality services, direct sales of agricultural products, management of agricultural businesses;

The program includes:

  1. Transfer to and from the airport;
  2. Full board accommodation;
  3. Introduction seminar;
  4. Work orientation sessions;*
  5. Cultural activities;*
  6. Tutoring and mentoring;
  7. Monitoring and evaluation;
  8. Europass Mobility.

Work orientation sessions*  they are usually carried our during morning hours. The exact amount of hours per day will be decided in collaboration with the sending institution and the accompanying staff; however, it is normal practice for VET learners to have 2-3 hours work sessions per week day.

Cultural activities* – there will be two cultural trips during a two week period mobility for VET learners & staff.

Vocational English/combination traineeship:

ShipCon’s latest innovation in the provision of VET services is the offering of traineeships on Vocational English or in combination with professional training in the respective field. In this way, VET students have the opportunity to get hands on experience in their field of study while at the same time improving their technical English language skills in any of the fields seen below.

    1. Business English (for students in business, management, administration, etc.)
    2. Tourism English (for students in tourism, hospitality management/services, culinary etc.)
    3. Health services (for students in nursing, health related industries, physiotherapists, etc.)
    4. Engineering (mechanical/electrical, construction, maintenance engineering, etc.)
    5. Marine/Oil & Gas (marine sciences, marine engineering, naval, etc.)
    6. Economics (banking, finance, etc.)
    7. Information Technology (IT related fields)

What VET activities are possible?

Learner mobility

  • VET traineeship– Learners can take part in a traineeship abroad lasting up to 12 months. They can spend time in a work place to gain real life experience or at a VET school where they will also spend time in industry or with another relevant organisation or enterprise. Each project can last either one or two years and organisations can apply for funding to support the mobility activities. The duration of the traineeship placement can be between two weeks and twelve months.

Staff mobility

  • Staff training– staff can undertake professional development opportunities in the form of a work placement or job shadowing/observation period abroad in an enterprise or other VET organisation.


VET traineeships with ShipCon

  • Accredited VET training provider by Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA)
  • Accredited training provider from International accreditation bodies (NEBOSH, OPITO)
  • More than 10 years’ experience in Life Long Learning programmes (LLP) and Erasmus+
  • High calibre and experienced trainers, administrative staff & tutors
  • Tailor-made quality VET traineeships that suit the needs & requirements of VET students & staff
  • Traineeships in one of the safest EU countries where English is widely spoken (Cyprus)
  • Excellent climate throughout the year, high quality tourist & leisure facilities, millennia of culture & art.

VET traineeships in Cyprus


Cyprus combines some unique characteristics which cannot be easily found in many EU countries and which ensure that VET traineeships & staff will have an invaluable & wonderful experience during their mobility in Cyprus. Some of these can be summarised below.

  • Security and safety
  • Excellent Educational Institutions
  • Multicultural
  • High quality tourist & leisure facilities year round
  • Millennia of culture, history and art
  • Fabulous weather
  • Hospitality
  • Gastronomy
  • Quality of air and sea

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