About Shipcon

ShipCon Limassol Ltd. (OID number: E10177488) is a dynamic and fast growing company with emphasis on EU research funded projects and vocational and education training (VET).

ShipCon strength lies on the expertise of its core team and the partnership with multi-national associates from all over Europe and beyond. With its Main Headquarters in Cyprus, ShipCon is strategically located in the crossroads of three continents, where specific economy sectors and activities have their own dynamic prospects for development, such as energy, environment and transport services. It is important to mention that ShipCon has been selected for inclusion in the 2015-16 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.

ShipCon has a long tradition in developing EU research proposals and building successfully bidding consortia for EU funding in a wide range of thematic fields. Part of our success is due to the large network of quality & trusted partners, both in industry as well as in academia that ShipCon maintains at regional and International level.

Since 2008, ShipCon has participated in the development and implementation of LIFE+, H2020, MED, Erasmus, FP7, ENPI MED,​ Erasmus+ & LLP projects​. Moreover, ShipCon has successfully organised Grundtvig IST seminars for adult educators as well as other type of projects, such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Multi-lateral (ML) projects. The company has organised more than 30 international seminars in the last six (6) years in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, emotional intelligence, project management, among others.

ShipCon’s unparalleled experience & ​expertise in securing EU funding from various EU programmes, such as H2020 (ex-FP7), Life+, MED, INTERREG, ENPI MED, Erasmus+, renders ShipCon as one of the best research & consulting companies in the South East Mediterranean​.


Project Management – Dissemination & Exploitation

ShipCon has participated in more than twenty (25) EU funded projects in the last six (6) years, either as a coordinating beneficiary, as a partner or under consulting role. The management of these projects by the staff of ShipCon has equipped the company by a wealth of experience in the area of project management (technical and financial) as well as in EU funding rules.

Research & consulting

ShipCon has participated, either as partner or as consultant, in a large variety of EU programmes, such as Life+, Marco Polo, FP7, MED, ENPI MED, among others.

Vocational & Education Training (VET) – Marine – Oil&Gas – HSE

ShipCon has concluded a number of studies related to Health & Safety for the offshore industry and has conducted numerous trainings and workshops for professionals working in the Offshore Industry, such as:

  • NEBOSH International Technical Certificate for Oil & Gas (NEBOSH IOG)
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate for Occupational Health & Safety (NEBOSH IGC)
  • OPITO Minimum Industry Standards of training for Oil & Gas (OPITO MIST)

In the last two years alone, it is estimated that ShipCon has trained more than 300 professionals in the area of Oil & Gas/HSE. The studies on HSE combined with the accredited trainings and workshops offer the basis of an ever-increasing expertise and knowledge in the area of Oil & Gas by the company.

Vocational & Education Training (VET) – Soft skill courses (LLP – Erasmus+)

In addition, ShipCon has successfully organised Grundtvig IST seminars for adult educators as well as other type of projects, such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Multi-lateral (ML) projects. The company has organised more than 80 seminars in the last six (6) years.

Indicative list of soft skill courses
  • Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Diversity & Integration
  • ICT skills
  • Teamwork & Team building
  • Handling stress & avoiding burn out
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • EU funding
  • Project Management for EU funded projects
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Train the Trainer
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
Shipcon organises quality traineeships for VET learners and accompanying staff  in any the following fields:
  • Environment – technology innovation, protection of the environment;
  • Business & Administration – business administrative services, marketing, office management, retail management, entrepreneurship, economy, analysis;
  • Hospitality & Tourism – hospitality management & services;
  • Computing – computer networking, computer programming, computer repair, information technology, computer science;
  • Creative industries – commercial art, advertising, fashion design, graphic arts, mass media, new media arts;
  • Gastronomy – culinary arts, food preparation, pastry arts;
  • Mechanical/Electrical –compressor design, vibration, pulsation, machining, welding, electrical protection, high voltage;
  •  Marine (including Oil &Gas) – marine technology, offshore, HSSE, First Aid;
  • Aviation – gas turbines technology;
  • Environment – technology innovation, protection of the environment;


  • More than 8 years’ experience in Life Long Learning programmes (LLP) and Erasmus+
  • High calibre and experienced trainers and administrative staff
  • Sixteen (16) quality structured courses scheduled in great locations (Czech Republic – Prague, Cyprus – Limassol, Spain – Barcelona, Italy – Palermo, Split – Croatia)
  • Bespoke/tailor-made courses in any location chosen by our clients
  • VET centre with activities for VET learners & staff taking place in  Cyprus and Italy.
  • Accredited training provider by Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Accredited training provider from International accreditation bodies (NEBOSH, OPITO)
  • Quality & management procedures which ensure client satisfaction & elimination of problems (i.e. cancellation of courses)
  • Included in selection for European Business Awards sponsored by RSM (2015 – 2016)

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